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Our services

At Titali Leadership, we work towards a more human world, where organizations thrive by valuing diversity, fostering genuine connections, and embracing authenticity. We empower individuals and teams to reach their full potential, achieving greater success and fulfillment in the 'magic zone' of possibilities. 

Titali Leadership Development

Leadership Assessment, Development and Coaching 

Empower and develop professionals with comprehensive leadership assessments   

Our assessment tools like Lumina Spark, Occupational Professional Questionnaire, and the Team Diagnosis Survey (TDS), make professional growth easy and enjoyable. Leaders and teams uncover strengths and areas for improvement in a fun and insightful way.   Leaders gain a deep understanding of their abilities and team dynamics, enhancing their confidence to tackle new challenges.

Enhance leadership skills by experiential workshops

Blended experiential leadership development workshops not only equip leaders with the tools to navigate complex professional environments but also cultivate team effectiveness and trust. By empowering leaders to refine their abilities, these workshops contribute to improved leadership performance and effective decision-making. 

Guide individuals through one-on-one executive coaching

Coachees benefit from time and space for quality thinking time with undivided attention and focus. They are prompted to reflect, explore and sometimes make decisions through thought-provoking questions and deep listening. This approach allows them to unlock their full potential, address both personal and professional challenges, and drive performance improvement.   

Titali Leadership Development

Organization and People Transformation

Drive transformation through in-depth analyses of organizational, people management, and HR practices.  

More specifically, we support with 

  • Crafting a compelling Employee Value Proposition

  • Refining Employer-Branding strategies

  • Optimizing the entire candidate experience, from online presence to onboarding

  • Defining and refining job profiles, competency frameworks

  • Aligning organizational structures with best practices and design principles

  • Implementing a strategic learning plan centered on organizational capabilities

  • Equipping HR teams with modern tools, skills, and a forward-thinking, customer-centric mindset. 

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